The program of ASEAN's largest online shopping day 2021 - ASEAN Online Sale Day 2021 will officially take place from 0:00 on August 8, 2021 and last until 24h00 on August 10, 2021. The program has the participation of more than 300 businesses in many product and service industries, bringing diverse choices to ASEAN consumers.


In 2021, the ASEAN Online Shopping Day Program co-chaired by Brunei Darussalam – ASEAN Chair 2021, Singapore and Vietnam; The 10 member countries in ASEAN will jointly implement activities for the Program. This year's program attracts more than 300 businesses and organizations doing business on digital platforms in areas such as e-commerce platforms, fashion, electronics, home appliances, services, tourism, and restaurants. hotels, handicrafts and some other fields. In which, there are more than 100 businesses registered to participate in online sales in the Vietnamese market. The program includes two groups of activities aimed at domestic e-commerce procurement and cross-border e-commerce procurement, between countries in the ASEAN region.

Especially in the ASEAN Online Sale Day 2021, in order to improve consumer confidence in cross-border online transactions, Vietnam has implemented a cross-border Online Dispute Resolution System. The Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade) after receiving consumer complaints related to cross-border transactions within the framework of the ASEAN Online Shopping Day Program will use this System to exchange and work with focal points of ASEAN countries to resolve complaints. Through this System, the feedback and complaints of information between buyers and sellers are transparent, cross-border e-commerce activities will be more favorable; through which, organizations and agencies can also make statistics and solve problems in online transactions accurately and quickly.

Besides, to learn more about the ASEAN Online Sale Day Program, follow the latest information and activities of the Program, consumers, businesses or organizations in Vietnam and ASEAN countries can access the Program's official website at; The Program website will also be integrated with ASEAN's website ( and communicated on information channels and social networks of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Within the framework of the Program, consumers in the ASEAN region can shop on digital platforms of large domestic and foreign enterprises and e-commerce platforms with special offers for their customers. to sue. It can be said that this is an opportunity for consumers in the bloc in general and Vietnam in particular to experience online purchases in an open, safe and quality market, under official supervision. of governments. At the same time, support production and business enterprises in the block to adapt and promote digital transformation through the already-developed ecosystem, as well as help consumers gradually change their purchasing methods.

The largest online shopping day in ASEAN 2021 - ASEAN Online Sale Day 2021 will be one of the active activities contributing to the implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on e-commerce, a premise for the development of cross-border e-commerce, creating cohesion among nations, affirming ASEAN's solidarity and position in a changing world.