Officially starting Asean's biggest online shopping day - ASEAN ONLINE SALE DAY 2022


The annual ASEAN event, which is jointly organized by ASEAN nations and aims to boost regional e-commerce with a focus on commercial transactions, took place on August 8. This annual event aims to provide consumers and companies in ASEAN nations with a secure and beneficial environment online shopping with high-quality items. On the 55th anniversary of ASEAN's founding, ASEAN's largest online shopping day - ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 will take place from August 8 to August 10, 2022.

Cambodia - ASEAN Chair 2022 will co-chair and coordinate this year's program alongside Singapore and Vietnam.


The 2 main groups of ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 activities are anticipated to be domestic e-commerce shopping and cross-border e-commerce shopping. Within the context of the program, consumers of Vietnam or other ASEAN nations can make purchases with special offers for ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 on digital business platforms as well as on significant domestic and international e-commerce platforms.

Beginning in 2020, ASEAN Online Shopping Day has attracted great attention from businesses and consumers in many countries not only in ASEAN. The ASEAN Online Sale Day has made a significant contribution to the growth of e-commerce in particular as well as the process of the region's digital transformation in general through efforts to connect and organize from member countries.

The purpose of the event is to encourage and promote e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce in the ASEAN region, contributing to the implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on e-commerce, provide customers with a secure and convenient online shopping environment.

The ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 program will be an important step for ASEAN to show solidarity and promote its development potential in the context of post-pandemic economic recovery and participation in new generation FTAs. Develop e-commerce and online transactions, gain access to new favorable policies, improve the value of products and services offered by businesses in region. The ASEAN Online Sale Day 2022 program has officially begun, and businesses have registered to participate (here).