ASEAN Online Sale Day: Cross-Border Transaction To Boost Regional E-Commerce


ASEAN Online Sale Day (AOSD) is annual event that celebrate and promotes e- commerce within the ASEAN region, took place on August 8. It serves as a platform to showcase the potential of online sales, cross-border trade, and digital entrepreneurship within ASEAN Member Countries. AOSD brings together businesses, consumers, government agencies, and industry stakeholders to facilitate economic integration, empower SMEs, and enhance regional collaboration in the e-commerce sector.

During AOSD, participating businesses offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and deals on their products and services. This creates a unique shopping experience for consumers, encouraging them to explore a wide range offerings from various ASEAN countries. The event highlights the diversity and richness of the ASEAN market, providing an opportunity for businesses to reach a larger customer base and expand their cross-border sales. AOSD emphasizes the importance of digital transformation for businesses and showcases the benefits of levering e-commerce platforms. It encourages SMEs to embrace digital technologies, establish online presence, and capitalize on the opportunities offered by e-commerce to enhance their competitiveness and growth.

The event also focuses on cross-border trade facilitation, addressing challenges related to logistics, payment systems, customs procedures, and regulatory harmonization. By promoting seamless cross-border transactions, AOSD aims to foster regional connectivity, create a level playing field for businesses, and facilitate economic cooperation within the ASEAN region. AOSD is not only a platform for business transactions but also a catalyst for knowledge sharing and networking. As chair of ASEAN in 2023, Indonesia has proposed the AOSD will conduct in two weeks, it will be held on 8-21 August 2023, since its first launch in 2020, AOSD was only conducted in 3 days.

The official website with updated information about the event and participating business is, the site has also integrated with ASEAN Information site ( and promoted in ASEAN’s information channels led by the ASEAN Secretariat and representative of 10 AMS.

The AOSD program in 2020 has already recorded some result are 218 business from 10 ASEAN Member States: 8592 view for the website. Beside 10 ASEAN countries , the web of program also receives views from other countries such as US, Australia and China. From August 8 to August 10, 2021, the official website of AOSD recorded more than 4519 users and 8274 visits to the website. In which, the number of users in Vietnam accounted for 29.78%; followed by users in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Brunei. Compared to 2021, the number of users accessing the page was 4044 times, the percentage of users in different countries accessing the page also changed: Vietnam (31.97%); Indonesia (6.3%); Malaysia (8.2%); Philippines (21.95%); Singapore (5.46%); Brunei (4.45%); Thailand (6.6%).

In the year 2022, the program has nearly 342 businesses of 10 member countries participating in providing services and shopping activities for domestic and foreign consumers. The categories divided into the Program include e-commerce, handicrafts, electronics - home appliances, furniture, fashion, services, tourism, food service (F&B).

Overall, AOSD serves as a catalyst for the growth of e-commerce in the ASEAN region. It promotes economic integration, empowers SMEs, enhances regional collaboration, and creates awareness among consumers about the benefits of online shopping. By bringing together business and consumers from different ASEAN countries, AOSD strengthens the ASEAN identity, fosters regional branding, and contributes to the development of a vibrant and interconnected digital economy in Southeast Asia